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Inter Cash bvba is a fixed value in the world of mail order. For many years already, we have been offering a wide range of products to our customers.
Every day we send thousands of postal items to all parts of Europe.
Inter Cash bvba is a modern company which considers efficiency and durability of paramount importance. Our pillars are warehousing, order picking, drawing up and sending mailings.
Our knowledge and experience make us your ideal partner in e-commerce from A to Z.


Inter Cash bvba targets on webshops, marketing agencies and mail-order companies inEurope and the rest of the word.

We let start-ups and other partners enjoy the profits of our large daily postal volume


We have years of experience in making packets, we also have the lowest prices in packaging and mailing.

Ask for our interesting all-in price!

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Our service range is very wide: from logistics to management of the debtors ledger and processing postal items.

We ship daily to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Together with Austria this are our Inter-Cash specials!

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Inter-cash BVBA

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TEL: 089-560770
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